4 Common Mistakes An Executive Search Firm Can Help Avoiding

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With the fast-growing speed of the economy and the company size, talent needs are never this urgent in all over the world before. However, hiring a right person is never an easy task to conquer. In this challenge executive search process, make sure you aren't obstructed by these following mistakes.

1. Rely on online job posting platform to find perfect candidates:

Job search websites and several job posting platforms only focus on one segment of the large candidate market: people actively looking for jobs while we all know many professionals with hot skill sets in specific areas such as cybersecurity, front-end web development or compliance are already employed. Therefore they’re probably not searching for new career opportunities no more and you miss the chance to access them if you rely it all on job post websites. 

Reaching these specialized workers requires specialized approach skills. That's the reason why executive search firms become the popular choice in the market these recent years due to their deep networks within the local business community, well-connected recruiters frequently know who the passive job seekers are and what types of opportunities would appeal to them.

2. Focusing too heavily on the resume:

Among our experiences, resumes are just for reference. The candidate with good resume sometimes are just a good resume writer. On the other hands, the most suitable job candidates possess the ideal blend of technical and soft skills, fit with the corporate culture, and are motivated to move their career forward. Personal communication is necessary on in the initial steps of hiring process to determine which candidates are truly promising and which simply know how to present themselves well on paper.

In this issues, only skilled executive search firms can help you to identify the strongest candidate due to their rich experience in scanning resumes and interact with several candidates. 

3. Only searching candidates when you have the open vacancy:

In this modern business environment, according to us, a wise employer should never stop recruiting. They create a healthy connection datas of candidates through active networking. They also strategically use specialized recruiters to find qualified candidates and keep pace of market and salary trends.

Building your brand image and improving your current working environment also are regarded as the ways to enlarge your succesful hiring opportunity. This type of preparation and approach will help you fill vacancies quickly with minimal negative impact on the business.

4. Low down your standard when you cannot find suitable candidate:

Everything takes time, we have to accept it. And finding a right candidate always takes much time, as it's not only depend on searching and recruiting skills, but also on... faith. Don't let the impatience become the barrier unable you to hire for the right candidates with pleasing salary.

In another words, lowing down your standard when you cannot find suitable candidate is not a smart stragegy. On the behalf of the leading Executive Search firm in Vietnam, we are always working our best to provide companies the strongest candidates with attractive packages. Since we know good things are sometimes worth the wait.


HR1 Vietnam was founded in 2011 as a full service recruitment agency dedicated to support the hiring needs of multinational and locally owned companies in Vietnam.

Since that time we have grown into one of the largest agencies operating in the country and are proud to support clients both in Vietnam and internationally, across the APAC region.

From our origins as a recruitment company, focused on fast and efficient, value driven placement of top talent in the Vietnam market, we have broadened our service offering to incorporate payroll, training, assessment, outplacement and advisory services.

This expansion of services allows us to support you across the entire spectrum of your human capital needs.

Contact us:
P: +84 028 3925 2566 | info@hr1vietnam.com
A: 12th Floor HDTC BUILDING, 36 Bui Thi Xuan Str.,
Ben Thanh Ward, Dist.1, HCM City

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