5 Steps To Build A Strong Recruitment Strategy

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A happy, engaged workforce which aims for long-term growth and success is every business’s target, and the most efficient way to acquire it is having a strong executive search strategy.

According to a recent report by Citation, 60 percent of the 139 small business owners surveyed said that stabilizing a specific recruitment HR strategy has a significant impact on business success and financial growth.

Good recruitment strategies not only help with employee morale and overall happiness, they also assist retention.

1. Understand your hiring need:

It's time to take a close look at business needs as well as goals and objectives that you want to achieve. Which elements is your company's short term, long term priority? Enlarging your team or filling crucial positions? Each intention requires an apposite hiring plan. 

2. Write a job description forms:

Having a clarity and attractive job description form is as important as having a company logo. The job description is the first image of your company which a candidate will interact with. Do it simple yet creative. An average job description is an undifferentiated bucket list of skills. Effective impact descriptions, on the other hand, should be unique to your company and highlight results and impact, rather than requirements, so you get the right talent excited to jump in to the challenges of the role.

3. Conduct effective interviews:

Job interview are now not a difficult task anymore, we do it daily, from a Director to a HR executive, everyone knows how to make a job interview happen. Though, how many of us can assure our interview questions provide us exactly the information we need, or how many job interviews we conduct are literally successful?

Some recruiters may confuse the target of a job interview is choosing a candidate, not choosing the most suitable one. If you feel like your business has spent weight of time and money yet still unable to find adequate employees, let's consider interviews are the most important step in the hiring process and spend more time to restructure your job interview.

4. Manage your talent relationship:

A modern recruiting process has to be agile and flexible enough to adapt to non-linear events. For example, you may source a candidate who won’t be ready to think about new opportunities for another year, or turn a candidate down but find a new role they’re a better fit for a few months down the line. How are you keeping tabs on those candidates?

Top talent isn’t knocking on doors, so recruiters today have to be smart and strategic, taking advantage of, and nurturing, the relationships they already have. Some few tips you can stick to are setting up a Google Alert for the candidate's birthday or set reminders to follow up with candidates at a later date, when their circumstances may have changed.

5. Engage with a headhunter:

When seeking for a key position, employers may have to wait for months but only receive 1 or 2 applications. That requires them to headhunt outside candidates and a head hunter will support them to find the best one. As the economy is recovering, a number of companies are desperate for choosing excellent senior staffs to run businesses especially at this time of the year, which leads them to hire a head hunter.  That high demand for headhunting in Vietnam comes from not only employers but also job seekers


HR1 Vietnam was founded in 2011 as a full service recruitment agency dedicated to support the hiring needs of multinational and locally owned companies in Vietnam.

Since that time we have grown into one of the largest agencies operating in the country and are proud to support clients both in Vietnam and internationally, across the APAC region.

From our origins as a recruitment company, focused on fast and efficient, value driven placement of top talent in the Vietnam market, we have broadened our service offering to incorporate payroll, training, assessment, outplacement and advisory services.

This expansion of services allows us to support you across the entire spectrum of your human capital needs.

Contact us:
P: +84 028 3925 2566 | info@hr1vietnam.com
A: 12th Floor HDTC BUILDING, 36 Bui Thi Xuan Str.,
Ben Thanh Ward, Dist.1, HCM City


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