6 Mistakes To Watch Out Before Sending Your Resume

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A recent report points out the average time recruiters spend on reviewing a resume is 5-7 seconds. Since, regardless you're a qualified candidate, there are still many elements might affect whether your resume can catch headhunter's eyes and turn out an interview appointment. Before sending your next application, make sure you don't make these following mistakes, cause great opportunities might not happen twice.

Mistake 1. Spelling and grammatical errors:

For many employers, seeing spelling and grammar mistakes on a potential hire’s resume is an instant deal-breaker. That means even if your qualifications are impressive, a glaring error on your resume could stand in the way between you and your dream job. Since, remember to always double-check your writing, do not rely on spell-checkers. In addition, you can ask someone to read your resume all over once again or print and read it out loud. 

Mistake 2. Incorrect or missing contact information:

The aim of a succesful resume is converting to an interview. If you're missing pertinent contact information, or the phone number you've included is incorrect, you’re making it difficult for both, you and recruiters to get in touch with. Also, if you're not detailed enough to provide your correct contact information, how could thay can rely on how well you will do on the job if hired? Checking and making sure your information is correct and updated.

Mistake 3. Including outdated or irrelevant information

Once again, remember you only have few seconds to impress an interviewer and they do not want to waste time on irrelevant features. If you have too much information that is outdated or irrelevant on your resume, your resume will likely go in the trash. Avoid including your age, hobbies, or marital status on your resume — this kind of information says that you aren't up to speed with today's resume-writing standards. It also decline your succesful rate related to items such as age and gender. Typically, unless it's relevant to the job, it doesn't belong on your resume.

Mistake 4. Failure to demonstrate and quantify results

What almost recruiters want to see in your resume is not only how many positions you used to work in but also the results you've achieved in past positions, as it speaks to the potential you have to do well in the role for which they're trying to fill. Results are the most straightforward way to describe yourself, and do not forget there are many ways to describe your past perfomance. However, do not only focus on overview result, you can also mention: business growth numbers, improved retention stats, increased sales, proven return on investment, willing to support co-workers, self-developing activities and so on. 

Mistake 5. Repetitive words or phrases used in multiple job descriptions

Don't loose your chance by feeding recruiters some boring repetitive words or phrases on your resume. Spend time and find some creative ways to express yourself as well do not hestitate to ask other people advices. Since it's understandable if recruiters come across as if you didn't care enough to put the effort into using a variation of action-oriented words and being specific for each past position listed.


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