Common CV Mistakes!

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  1. Profile photo and unusual font:
    We often see CVs with their profile photos written in unusual fonts, colored paper with eccentric design. Sometimes, candidates may think that they look more outstanding, but to a recruiter, they will only make your CV stand out for the wrong reasons. Please ensure that the words represent yourself. The font should be clean and clear, and the design look well-arranged.

  2. Vocabulary and grammar errors: 
    It happens to any candidates either that is their mother tongue or second language. These errors are avoidable which impress a recruiter about your carelessness, which are believed that it is not a good impression you want to give to your future hiring manager. Be aware when doing your CV. Make sure that you check a few times carefully before sending it to your recruiter or uploading on professional platforms. You may wish to use spell check software which can help pick up some mistakes, or ask someone else to review your spelling if that is not your strength.
  3. Specification: 
    In a candidate's CV, one of the important section for an employer to look at is what you have achieved in the previous position or how exactly it was relevant to the job you are applying for.Therefore, it is advisable for you to carefully look at your career information you want to include. Check and see if it clearly mention below:
    ⦁ Your role ?
    ⦁ Your job responsibilities?
    ⦁ Your achievement and how it was contributed to the benefit which was delivered to your employer.

  4. Incorrect contact information:
    At some points, it can happen when your hiring manager wants to contact the person whose name is in the CV but the number cannot be contacted, for a few times. So please make sure your email, contact number and addresses are well updated.

  5. A "one size fits all’ CV:
    Most hiring managers look for tailored CVs that clearly explain  why they fit the role. Therefore, when writing a CV, you should have the job description on your side and look at what you are writing with a critical eye. Every word on your CV should be made to persuade the employer that your background particularly fit the position and they need to proceed an interview with you.

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