How to Maintain a Work Life Balance?

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Balance between your work life and your daily life is very important, which help you save your best energy every day to work and make a productive day with both at work and outside of it.

How you will do that and try to balance yourself, manage your time and make use of your annual leave to successfully strike a balance between your work and your life ? Lets find it out.

Prioritise your work tasks

A to-do-list every morning before you start your work is very important to ensure that you are aware of the most urgent task of the day, and plan your day accordingly. When you are not feeling certain about your direction, proactively look for your line manager for advices.  With that, you are able to manage your work, complete your urgent tasks on time and limit the unnecessary overtime.

Structure time at work

Next step, once you manage to find your top priorities, it is time to plan your day with them. Similar tasks should be engaged together and estimate time to complete them before moving on to the next category/section (task).  Grouping all similar tasks into a big session, and next one and etc. will make you perform the most efficient of all your daily work, and you can still have time for break and other activities.

Take breaks

You always remember to hold some personal errands by taking break during the day for activities such as, coffee break with your colleagues at the pantry, toilet break or sometimes smoke break.

Never forget to take a lunch break! This is very important. Not taking a lunch break will not help you get a productive day but make you become overload and tiring because your brain keeps functioning for 8 hours.

In general, these break-time will help you first have some time for yourself and also make you engage with colleagues for socializing. This will also allow you to achieve your goals outside of your career and help you along with your daily tasks if involving different departments within an organization.

Make use of annual holidays

If you are not available to utilize time for yourself during your day, you may consider going on leaves. It is good to have time for yourself with your hobbies, your families and loved ones during some special occasions, like: Christmas, New Year or National Public Holiday getaway.

In conclusion, taking care of yourself by planning your day well, knowing how to take time for yourself and inhale positivity will help balance your life and you work.

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