How to market yourself!

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Nowadays, due to the effect of job redundancy after the pandemic, business climate is more competitive than ever. Companies are still and always looking for high professionals who can perform multitasking and also do their job well.

In the competitive job market, how can you set yourself apart from the rest, and stand out and get notice by potential employers?

  •  Put on your sales cap

Think yourself like a marketer. How does a marketer position his/her product/service that can provide benefit to the needs of buyers? Similarly, to close sales and impress your employer, you need to present your competitive advantages- your strengths, work experience, industry knowledge, skills and awards/achievement. Don’t forget to quote a good example that matter the most to the company’s objective.

  • Network

Network constantly and aggressively, but stay focused. To increase your profile, you may attend different business and social networking events that increase a high chance of your speaking with professionals from different industries. Besides, you may actively contribute to those platforms by sharing your success stories or interesting case studies/topics that increase the value and contribution. Remember to always stay updated on market trends so that the knowledge is updated to share in your networking activities.

  • Know the company inside out

Candidate is advised to demonstrate your commitment by asking clear questions about the company. So the employer will have impression on you as a person who is proactive and keen on the job and the company. It will make a credit and increase your chance among other candidates.

  • Moving forward

Don’t spend too much time focusing on your past job duties. You don’t have a lot of time during the interview, so make use of it. Showcase your previous achievements that can go forward with the employer if they hire you. The effective marketing tool for a candidate to market yourself is to let the employers know that your skills and expertise are things they need in their organization.

  • Work with a headhunter

This is a highlight point. A reputable headhunter will help highlight your most compelling transferable skills and build a strong case to your hiring managers. Besides, for a candidate, a strong headhunter will give you consultation and advices as well as coaching to support you for the interview. A good recruitment consultant can bring you a wonderful career opportunity in your wanted field from different high profile companies or industries.

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