Auto Dial manager and Strategy analyst





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▪ Auto dial Managing:
1. Setting up of autodialer:
 Setting up of general dialer parameters (calendar, strategy, routing of phone lines, timeout between calls, etc.) and parameters
of calling (number of attempts, sequence of calls and etc.)
 Setting up parameters of each calling campaign (which phone lines use, which collectors participate in this campaign)
2. Monitoring of dialer working during the day:
 Check uploaded data in dialer for each campaign
 Launch campaigns at morning
 restart campaigns after finish during the day
 monitor and manage the key parameters of working dialer and collectors: utilization of operators, utilization of phone lines, idle time, service level, contact rate, number of ptp
 manage dialer productivity (number of lost connections, % of proceeding campaigns, utilizations of operators)
 Rapid movement of collectors between campaigns
3. Reporting preparation by auto dialer performance.
▪ Collection strategy:
 Implementation the settings of different strategies in collection system (Luxbase) and auto dialer
 Participation in launch the strategies comparison (champion challenger approach)
 Prepare documentation with description of collection strategies
 Prepare reporting about results of pilots by comparison different strategies
 Preparing data for collection strategy analysis
 Data mining
 Preparing the proposals for change and launch new strategies

▪ Bachelors/Masters with major in mathematics, physics, engineering, IT
▪ 2 years and above relevant experience in data mining, analyzing the big volume of data
▪ Experience in credit risks or collection portfolio analysis will be the advantage
▪ Strong analytic skills, systematic mindset, good developed logic,
▪ Good knowledges of SQL and MS Excel
▪ Good presentation skills, able to prepare presentations
▪ Fluent English communication orally and writing.


Trinh Ngoc Trung (Mr.)
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