Factory Manager


Ben Tre




Booking factory capacity to Marketing by season by customer.
 Working with customer (customer visit, customer audit, etc.)
 Ensure profit given by top-manager is met.
 Ensure manpower in each department not over target;
 Ensure capacity of each process not over;
 Ensure all shipment on-time with good quality and without short-ship;
 Increase productivity and quality of all processes;
 Ensure all machines/equipment utilized efficiently;
 Shorten production lead-time of each process;
 Overseeing the production process, screen production schedule to ensure on-
time shipment;
 Ensuring that the production is cost effective;
 Making sure that products are produced on time and are of good quality based
on customer requirement;
 Working out the human and material resources needed;
 Monitoring the production processes and adjusting schedules as needed;
 Monitoring product standards and implementing quality-control programs;
 Liaising among different departments, e.g. suppliers, managers;
 Working with managers to implement the company's policies and goals;
 Ensuring that health and safety guidelines are followed;
 Supervising and motivating a team of workers;
 Reviewing worker performance;
 Identifying training needs.

- Knowledge of garment sewing
 Expertise in garment manufacturing.
 Expertise of Management.
 Bachelor's degree or Expertise in garment manufacturing.
 3 to 6 years in garment manufacturing
Competency Requirement
 Able to work under pressure.
 English language.
 Leadership.


Trinh Ngoc Trung (Mr.)
M: +84 09-09-09-46 43
E: trung.nguyen@hr1vietnam.com

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