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Human resources

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HR project requirements from the Company:
-Implement all HR project requirements from Company
-Setting up Job Description system for all division/department staff, including the updates, amendment, supplementary to be the most appropriate in accordance with production and company development.
-Setting up Employees’ Performance Assessment system (Balance scorecard) and implementation with specific
-Co-operate with Company to enhance the effective HR2U system

Manage HR Dept:
-Build budget for HR headcount and HR staff costs.
- Managing, supervising, coaching, training and development of subordinates’ performance in daily works and long-term schedules. Settlement of daily arising works, internal conflicting issues.
-Setting up procedures, work instructions for management and supervision of subordinates’ performance and system compliance.
-Setting up SMART KPIs for all HR staffS and perform employees’ performance appraisal in accordance with company scoring system, rating and grading scale.

HR operations:
-Implement policies & procedures to Quality Assurance requirement.
- Setting up, amend and supplement of company salary scale structure, C& B policy, Employee Handbook, Standard Operating Procedures to align with Company’s projects and adapt for Vietnamese Cultures & markets, Company business.
-Labor management in accordance with Company’s policies and State regulations.
-Insurance for the worker’s labor accident, health and social, unemployed insurances.
-Monitor the implementation and accuracy of payroll, commission, bonus process.
-Make salary, benefits, reward survey of competitors in market and -Co-operate with Company to enhance the competitive C&B policy.
-Co-operating with F&A Department for employees’ salary payments/remittance and Personal Income Tax declaration, payments and tax liquidation.
-Co-ordinating with Trade Union and relevant labor authorities for smooth settlement of all labor disputes, controversies and internal conflicts.
-Holding and attending discipline meetings to handle violations of company’s regulation and system.
-Provide statistics of payroll, commission to monitor performances of staffs

Training & development:
-Implement the talent classification, successor planning to build the training plan
-Setting up plans and schedules for training as per requirement of Management Board, in co-ordination with department Heads.

-Setting up plans and schedules for recruitment as per requirement of Management Board, in co-ordination with Back office department Heads.

Company culture:
-Build morale, motivation and good working environment.
-Handle company staff activitives, supporting team work and organization’s unity

-University graduation, Human Resources diploma or specialization would be an added
-5 years experience in HR
-Experience and/or competencies in the understanding and development of HR strategy and
policy, balance corecard system, SAP HR system

-Excellent interpersonal & communication skills (both written and oral)
-Excellent presentation skill
-Ability to take initiative, flexible attitude.
-Ability to work independently or team work.
-Proficient in pack of office
-Well verse with Vietnam Labour Law, Personal Income Tax Law, Madatory Insurance Law
-Honusty, confidential


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