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HR1 Vietnam was founded in 2011 as a full service recruitment agency dedicated to support the hiring needs of multinational and locally owned companies in Vietnam. Since that time, we have grown into one of the largest Executive search (headhunting) agencies in Vietnam and proud to support clients both locally and internationally, across the APAC region. From our origins as a executive recruiting firm, focused on fast and efficient, value driven placement of top talent in the Vietnam market, we have broadened our service offering to incorporate payroll, training, assessment, outplacement and advisory services. This expansion of services allows us to support you across the entire spectrum of your human capital needs.


Permanent Placement

HR1 Vietnam’s Permanent Recruitment team provide fast and effective hiring solutions for our Clients in Vietnam and those offices overseas with business interests in Vietnam. With an extensive database and dedicated research team, we are able to quickly shortlist available talent across a wide range of industries.

Volume Hire Projects

HR1 undertakes volume hire projects in Vietnam and supports international clients to source skilled workers for global assignments. With our research team and database we are able to quickly build large size candidate pools across a broad range of industries. We are also experienced in managing the end to end process...

Payroll and Outsourcing

HR1 Vietnam supports our clients in providing payroll and outsourcing services that allow you to focus on developing core business growth whilst we manage the admin heavy and legally complex issues revolving around salary payment and individual tax compliance.

Training and Development

HR1 Vietnam supports clients with a range of training and development programmes to support businesses in: Leadership Development Sales Effectiveness Employer Branding Building Resilient Teams Team Cohesion and Effectiveness Everything DiSC Sales, Management and Leadership

Outplacement and Career Transition

The business landscape is increasingly unpredictable and as such there are times when organisations are faced with the need to downsize, streamline and restructure established business units. HR1 Vietnam provides programmes and career coaching to support those individuals impacted by change as they face transition in their careers. Our Career Transition...


HR1 Vietnam provides behavioural and psychometric assessments that can be used to support the hiring process, build soft skills, support leadership development and compliment appraisals. Our specialist assessments include: Wileys Everything DiSC MTQ48 resilience assessment Employee Engagement and Satisfaction surveys To find out which assessment best suits your business needs contact our consultants and...

Executive Search and Selection

We provide our Clients with high level search and selection services for mid to senior level local and expatriate management. With our experienced team of Senior Consultants we are able to respond to mandates for executive headcount, from Country Manager to Business Unit Leaders, providing shortlists of the best available...


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Job Code Job Title Industry Location Salary Date Post
HR1-000054 Factory General Manager Textile & Garment Việt Nam

7000 - 10000 Gross/month

HR1-000043 General Manager Textile & Garment Việt Nam

7000 - 10000 USD/month

HR1-000009 Regional Sales Director (South) Consumer & Retail HoChiMinh

5000 - 6000 USD/Month

HR1-000052 Supply Chain Director Manufacturing HoChiMinh

6000 - 9000 USD/Month

HR1-000059 Recruitment Manager HR/Admin/Legal Việt Nam

3000 - 4000 USD/month

HR1-000062 Human Resource Manager HR/Admin/Legal Việt Nam

3000 - 4000 USD/month

HR1-000040 Production Manager - Jackets, Coats Textile & Garment Bac Ninh

3000 - 3500 USD Gross/month

HR1-000137 CEO Consumer & Retail HoChiMinh

23000 - 25000 USD/Month

HR1-000136 Planning & Investment Manager Real Estate HoChiMinh

5000 - 7000 USD/Month

HR1-000036 National Project Sales Manager Chemical Construction HoChiMinh

4000 - 5000 USD Gross/month

HR1-000022 Operation Manager Semiconductors HoChiMinh

6000 - 7000 USD/month

HR1-000041 Chief Representative Construction/ Engineering Da Nang

4000 - 6000 USD Gross/month

HR1-000013 Production Planning & Control Manager Textile & Garment Phu Tho

3000 - 4000 USD Gross/month

HR1-000025 Credit Review Manager Financial Services HoChiMinh

3000 - 4000 USD/Month

HR1-000073 Chief Finance Officer (CFO) Manufacturing Ha Noi 06/08/2018
HR1-000203 Financial Director Real Estate HoChiMinh

6000 - 8000 Gross/month

HR1-000179 Operation Production Manager Electrical/Electronics Manufacturing HoChiMinh

5000 - 7000 USD gross/month

HR1-000008 Sales Manager Industrial Manufacturing HoChiMinh

4000 - 5000 USD Gross/Month

HR1-000127 Human Resources Director Consumer & Retail HoChiMinh

10000 - 12000 USD/Month

HR1-000060 Warehouse Manager Textile & Garment Bac Giang

2500 - 3000 USD/month

HR1-000053 Design Manager/Snr Manager/Director Facilities Services HoChiMinh

4000 - 6000 USD/Month

HR1-000004 Mechanic Manager Industrial Manufacturing Phu Tho

3000 - 4000 USD Gross/Month

HR1-000014 Mechanic Manager Industrial Manufacturing Phu Tho

3000 - 4000 USD Gross/month

HR1-000015 Technical Manager - Softlines Analytical Industrial Manufacturing HoChiMinh

3000 - 4000 USD Gross/month



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