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Company: The company is one of the leading lubricants manufacturers in Vietnam.

Location : Long An


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Fundamental responsibilities of the plant development manager are to deliver results and to keep his/her people. Plant development manager should be able to perform 5 core functions: Planning, Organizing, Leading, Co-ordinating, and Controlling:
• The plant development manager is responsible for calculating, planning for development of the whole plant to ensure that the plant and its operations are optimized efficiently.
• The plant development manager is involved in both the pre-manufacturing (e.g. planning, product design and purchasing) stage as well as the manufacturing (control and supervision) stage. He/she is responsible for both human and material resources and must ensure that goods and services are produced efficiently, i.e. the correct amount is produced at the right cost and at the right level of
• The plant development manager is the key personnel who should be capable to handle almost the jobs of the Factory Director after being trained for a certain period.

Management & assessment of manufacturing process

• Overseeing the manufacturing process, drawing up manufacturing schedule, monitoring the manufacturing processes and adjusting schedules as needed;
• Working out the human and material resources needed, and making sure that products are produced on time and are of good quality;
• Supervising, resolving personnel grievances and motivating the team;
• Being responsible for applying and utilizing SAP system in manufacturing processes;
• Being responsible for the selection and autonomous maintenance (AM) of manufacturing equipment;

• Monitoring product standards and implementing quality-control programs;
• Directing, maintaining, and enforcing company’s safety program for the division; ensuring implementation and evolution of safety procedure and that health and safety guidelines are followed; reviewing safety records to uphold standards of maximum safety for all manufacturing staffs;
• Managing the adherence to prescribed procedures to ensure first pass quality meets or exceeds planned goals;
• Ensuring that manufacturing staffs are equipped, and motivated so that the manufacturing schedule / plan can be accomplished in a safe, timely, and cost- effective manner;

• Developing and implementing manufacturing tracking and quality control systems, analyzing manufacturing, quality control, maintenance, and other operational reports, to detect manufacturing problems;
• Frequently reviewing and timely detecting issues with data or databases, as well as operations issues from the recorded data;
• Implementing programs and procedures required to ensure plant cleanliness.

• Creating and maintaining necessary manufacturing databases, operational reports and manufacturing tracking and quality control systems;
• Analyzing all dimensions of manufacturing operations such as processes, human resource, quality control, SAP application, material resource, facility and equipment maintenance or modification, HSE, schedule adherence level, cost-effective level, etc. to detect manufacturing problems;
• Creating, implementing and driving continuous improvement activities through implementation of change management process and best practices; Developing and tracking improvement in different programs (Shutdown time, Resource utilization, Inventory and cost control, etc.);
• Optimizing resource utilization by implementation of an effective manufacturing organization;
• Reviewing operations and conferring with other divisions, or even other departments, to resolve manufacturing or processing problems;
• Initiating and coordinating inventory and cost control programs;
• Setting and monitoring product standards, examining samples of raw products or directing testing during processing, to ensure finished products are of prescribed quality;
• Instituting employee suggestion or involvement programs;
• Coordinating and recommending procedures for facility and equipment maintenance or modification, including the replacement of machines;
• Maintaining current knowledge of the quality control field, relying on current literature pertaining to materials use, technological advances, and statistical studies;
• Monitoring yield / loss during manufacturing processes;
• Ensuring complete compliance to 5S processes: Eventually reorganize the shop floor and the way the work is currently done in a context where two shifts operation is the target, then to propose for a future organization design of the plant.

• Developing JDs and responsibility matrix for the division which clarifies the owner for each area;
• Assisting with the hiring of manufacturing personnel;
• Identifying training needs, developing training plan | career paths for key staffs and ensuring that all manufacturing staff are adequately trained on the most updated version of the operating procedures;
• Training, evaluating, and discharging staff, and resolving personnel grievances;
• Preparing and maintaining personnel records;
• Organizing periodical One-on-ones meetings with directs in order to get to know people; Communicating regularly with all staffs, both individually and as a group, to ensure a good two-way communication concerning manufacturing, disciplined and
quality issues;
• Conducting timely feedback to directs, and performance reviews based on job descriptions to determine competency, knowledge, and contribution of the staffs;
• Overseeing the development and maintenance of staff competence;
• Tracking competencies of subordinates and providing leadership and development as required to achieve the objectives;
• Ensuring coaching and development of resources to meet business’s objectives.
• Applying proper job delegation to directs to push work down.

Optimization of plant capacity

• Carrying out “walk the route” and developing process and frame work for the full capacity study;
• Creating, analyzing, and optimizing several aspects of the plant design to clearly define which capacity level can be achieved with the available land resource (i.e. two pieces of land), what necessary equipment should be developed and newly designed;
• Analyzing volume forecast in different aspects, especially if some large identified SKU are produced in a different way, to support a mass balance & further calculation;
• Developing process design for warehouse operations:
• To record and analyze several dimensions of warehouse operations (i.e. material input and output): Warehousing process, WH human resource, Safety program & requirement (Safety procedure and guidelines; Safety records, etc.), Cost-effective level, Product tracking and quality control systems, Operational reports, etc.
• To assess maximum bulk storage capacity, and define whether this storage needs to preferentially be dedicated to raw materials or semi-finished products in order to optimize material storage capacity.
• Developing process design for VII dissolving, blending and filling:
o To assess the existing equipment.
o To analyze data to assess bottlenecks, and to define what can be done to optimize processes as well as to improve flexibility and to increase capacity (pumps, manifold, storage, ....) what would be the cost associated and for which additional quantity with a focus on blending and filling.
o To determine blending facilities, including reviewing blending techniques and calculating number and size of blending equipment.
o To determine filling facilities, including calculating filling capacity and number of filling machine; developing filling line preliminary configuration and arrangement of pigged line & manifold.
• Coordinating with external parties to develop concept design & engineering design.

Strategic and system management

• Coordinating, setting up and implementing standard operating procedure for all manufacturing operations in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 standards; Ensuring complete compliance to prescribed QMS;
• Participating in objective setting, plant development and performance review of plant performance;
• Liaising among different divisions | or even departments, e.g. suppliers, managers, to implement the company's policies and goals and factory’s objectives;
• Developing action plan, setting up and ensuring planned KPI’s of efficiency and performance are met or exceeded;
• Creating and managing manufacturing budgets: Developing budget proposal, monitoring divisional expenditures and ensuring that materials, labor and equipment are used efficiently to meet manufacturing targets;
• Reviewing processing schedules and manufacturing orders to make decisions concerning inventory requirements, staffing requirements, work procedures, and duty assignments, considering budgetary limitations and time constraints;
• Preparing and maintaining various manufacturing reports and personnel records.

In order to fulfil his/her duty, plant development manager is basically authorized to:
• Establish a suitable organization for his/her division;
• Apply rewards or warnings to his/her people;
• Approve under-three-days leave requests of division’s employee and usual manufacturing OPEX;
• Sign approval for usage of new materials on behalf of the factory director as per authorized;
• Approve usual OPEX assigned to the division;
• Propose for necessary resources to enable him/her to deliver results;
• Propose and implement improvement initiatives;
• Detect issues and raise his/her voice in different platforms in order to improve division’s performance;
• Organize shift working scheme and normal OTs.

a. Degree:
• University graduated.
• Priority: MBA.
b. Experience:
• More than 5-year experience in the same position with proven track record.
• Priority:
o Having experience of deep involvement into or implementation of projects, including CAPEX projects (Construction. Investment. Risk assessment. Hazard study. Process study. etc.) and Improvement projects.
o Having experiences of working in the process industry, especially in factory that has blending | mixing and filling processes.

c. Skills & Others:
• Be reliable, honest and trustworthy.
• Be a person of integrity.
• Be able to be discrete and maintain high levels of confidentiality.
• Demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, set priorities, identify and address problems, meet deadlines, and stay within budget.
• Be strategic planning, complex problem resolution and general management expertise.
• Be able to work to deadlines and targets under pressure.
• Be able to work quickly, flexibly, effectively and positively in response to requests at short notice.
• Be methodical, logical and detail oriented.
• Demonstrated effective verbal and written communication skills.
• Be strong presentation abilities.
• Proficiency with word processing, spreadsheet, and electronic editing programs.
• Strong interpersonal skills and networking capabilities.

• Has been introduced about overall operations of the company and the factory.
• Has been introduced about company’s critical policies, processes and procedures.

- 13th Month Salary
- Health Insurance for family
- Learning opportunities

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