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Company: HR1's Client

Location : Binh Duong

email: do.le@hr1vietnam.com

phone: +84 (0)906 695377; +84 (0) 909 691410

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Participate in R&D projects to develop new products of Toppings, Creams & Culinary 


Duties and Responsibilities - Conduct R&D project on developing new TCCS products based on functional plan. 

- Update and ensure confidential of projects’ results. 
- Follow-up and establish products testing on both laboratory and manufacture scale 
for all enterprise’s project. 
- Test and validate sample products. 
- Assist sales, manufactory and QA in problem-solving related to technical and 
product issues. 
- Manage functional documentary. 
- Participate in establishing manufacturing process and ingredients standard for mass 
- Update project ingredients usage statistic report. 
- Conduct product testing under R&D technician II 

Functional Technical 

 Product Development 
 Product Commercialization 
 Project Management 
 Sensory Science 
 Food Law/Regulatory Compliance 
 Supplier evaluation & approval 
 Food Safety & Microbiology 
 DOE 
 Ingredient Technology 

Core Competencies 
The Rich Promise 
Cherish Our Culture 
Work, learn, and celebrate together 
Acts as a Team Player 
Key Actions: 
 Contributes to goal 
 Invites feedback 
 Involves others 
 Informs others on team 
 Models commitment 

Collaborates With Others 
Key Actions: 
 Demonstrates inclusive behavior 
 Seeks opportunities 
 Ensures that information needs are 
 Shares knowledge 
 Remains open to all sides 

Communicates Effectively 
Key Actions: 
 Organizes the communication 
 Ensures understanding 
 Comprehends communication from 
 Actively listens 

Imagine what’s possible and create what’s valued 
Practices Continuous Improvement 
Key Actions: 

Seeks to Innovate 
Key Actions: 

Challenges the Status Quo 
Key Actions: 

Rich Products Corporation 
Position Description 

 Assesses opportunities 
 Determines causes 
 Targets improvement ideas 
 Implements effective 

 Leverages diverse resources 
 Acknowledges and evaluates multiple 
 Targets value-added options 

 Challenges the status quo 
 Thinks broadly 
 Persists in effort 

Be the Trusted First Choice 
Listen, understand, and deliver for customers like no other company 
Produces Quality Products, Services 
and Solutions 
Key Actions: 
 Demonstrates commitment to 
 Gathers information 
 Applies Customer knowledge 

Delivers Customer Satisfaction 
Key Actions: 
 Champions Rich’s to Customers 
 Develops ideas/solutions 
 Maintains Customer trust 
 Manages Customer’s expectations 
 Follows up 

Resolves Customer Service Issues 
Key Actions: 
 Acknowledges the person 
 Meets or exceeds needs 
 Confirms satisfaction 
 Takes the “heat” 

Better Our Communities 
Devote time and talent where we live and work 
Advocates Corporate Citizenship 
Key Actions: 
 Understands the value and 
impact of corporate contributions 
 Promotes education and 
understanding within Rich’s 
 Identify communities in need 

Actively Volunteers 
Key Actions: 
 Takes responsibility and ownership 
 Maintains positive approach and 
 Takes action that makes a difference 

Commits to Sustainability 
Key Actions: 
 Encourages others to take 
 Communicates the benefits and results 
to internal and external audiences 
 Supports the Better Our Communities 
value team 

Do What’s Right 
No matter what 
Lives by the Rich’s Code of Ethics 
Key Actions: 
 Displays integrity and openness 
 Demonstrates honesty 
 Keeps commitments 
 Follows policies and procedures 

Maintains a Safe, Harassment-Free 

Key Actions: 
 Identifies safety issues and problems 
 Takes corrective action 
 Takes actions that respect the value 
of others 

Establishes and Maintains Trust 
Key Actions: 
 Acts consistently 
 Shares point of view 
 Remains open to ideas 
 Supports others 

Leadership Competencies 
Great Leader Drivers 
Drive Associate Performance 
Tell Associates who they’re doing With timely, ongoing, fair and accurate feedback 
Go Positive about the individual Emphasize the strengths and accomplishments with balanced suggestions for 


Clarify what’s expected Associates know what they are accountable for and why it matters 
Focus on “fit” Choose assignments and roles that link associate strengths to organizational needs 
Coach for Solutions Help Associates execute in the face of day to day challenges 
Drive Associate Engagement 
Go positive about the 

Focus on what’s positive with a balanced realism about our challenges 

Communicate the big picture Help associates connect their work to what’s important for Rich’s and our customers 
Create the environment That fosters open communication, flexibility, innovation, and risk taking within the team

 Bachelor degree or above. 
 0-3 years working experiences. 
 Intermediate English level. 
 Major in Food science and engineering 
 Fluent office software skills (Excel, word…

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