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Company: The company is one of the leading lubricants manufacturers in Vietnam.

Location : HoChiMinh


phone: 028-39252566

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- Work Location: Binh Thanh District, HCMC

- W.Time : Mon- Fri


Summarise in one statement why your job exists; and how it contributes to the overall
mission/objective of the organization.
To lead sales activities under Industry and Heavy Duty segments including
(a) delivering all sales, margin and profitability targets
(b) developing and executing strategic sales plan via the development of (i) the distribution channel, end-
user customer base (B2B Industry companies) (ii) internal capability including sales competency,
processes and alignment with other depts. & company policies

List the responsibilities (Key Result Areas and the major activities) that must be achieved in order that the job purpose is fulfilled. For each KRA, document the performance measure(s) (i.e., outcomes) which indicate the successful accomplishment of that KRA.
To plan Sales Strategic Plan (5 years plan) and Annual Operating Plan in order to deliver the company goals for long and short terms

  • Develop Sales Plan for long term (every five years) and short term (i.e annual Operating Plan) based on (a) market and competition analysis (b) internal strength – capabilities as well as weakness – opportunities (c) experience in lubricant markets where required
  • Analyse market potential, competition and end-customer base in order to define the strategies of (a) product portfolio to win in niche markets (b) channel capability & development plan (c) internal capabilities including technical and services, in which added value to the product is consistently aligned in all plans
  • Propose Marketing actions and supports from other departments to make the Sales Strategic plan feasible and achievable
  • Develop internal capabilities to anticipate the business growth and changes including manpower, sales competencies and processes | system to enable the strategic or operating plan
  • With the approval of General Director – to roll out the Sales strategic long term into annual Operating Plan with clear activities, timelines and measurements
  • Build the sales strategy around a benefit-selling approach, together with the Global MotulTech Center of Excellence.
  • Ensure these principles are inherent in the strategy and the roll-out of all actions in the field
  • Sales plan by groups, categories, products (and estimated by SKU) and region
  • Strategic Sales Plan (rolling 5 years) and annual Operating Plan with clear actions plan or initiatives covering below areas (a) suggested product portfolio (together with Marketing) (b) Channel and Sales Operating model in B2B (c) Sales Initiatives (d) Internal capabilities development plan including man-power, Sales competency, processes or system etc.
  • Spending Plan (Sales, Opex, Capex etc)
  • Specific KPIs to measure Sales Initiatives and spending
  • To plan and execute Sales activities to deliver Sales performance for short-term (monthly and quarterly) under annual Operating plan and
  • Plan annual budget based on the strategic sales plan every year and past experienced activities | spending
  • Develop detailed actions plan by quarterly and monthly to deliver volume (top line) and ensure GM compliance
  • Sell-in volume vs. target
  • Tracking sell-out volume and inventory levels

Sales strategic plan (5 years plan)

  • Make decisions on customer incentives and align with Marketing initiatives | promotions to deliver monthly | quarterly and yearly sales performance
  • Assess the channel capabilities and develop actions plan to bridge the gaps if any
  • Track actual implementation or results vs. plan (initiatives and spending). Take actions to bridge the gaps, if any
  • Run analysis and reports on Sales Performance by monthly, quarterly to Management Team
  • Annual Channel assessment
  • % initiatives implementation timely and accurately to deliver monthly and quarterly results
  • Spending of Sales Initiatives under control, track effectiveness, and traceability (vs. plan)
  • Drive Sales Operation Excellence  Ensure all Sales or company processes (and policies) are implemented by Sales Team. Remove internal barriers to ensure the compliance and prompt feed-back or actions
  • Develop highly integrated place of pre-sales, field-trial tests, first-fill change-over, regular performance field checks and troubleshooting processes and execution with the technical and product development department as the primary driver for value addition
  • Coordinate with other departments (Customer Service, Quality, Finance etc) to quickly settle all external feedback and complaints
  • Seek opportunities to improve internal sales processes, improve efficiency of all sales activities or projects (spending, resources etc). Lead projects and process changes to improve the Sales efficiency
  • Improve forecast accuracy
  • Roll out the improved operating model (such as channel model, sales B2B process, SPANCOP etc), processes or
  • Internal and external customer services
  • Measurement on the percentage of sales considered won on benefits vs. price
  • Processes or policies compliance. No major violation to the Sales or Company processes or policies caused the loss (financial or reputation) for the company
  • At least one improvement plan or project per year
  • FCA%
  • KPIs of Sales Efficiency shown improved

Initiatives to Sales Team, Build internal Sales Capability

  • Improve Sales morale and retention rate by working with General Director and Human Resources to fix ad-hoc issues and build long term solutions for Sales CI
  • Analysis the gaps of org and sales capability and develop the capability improvement plan with comprehensive internal and external training plan
  • Ensure trainings (from internal and external parties) plan is delivered and the efficiency | capability improvement can be proved from the trainings
  • Build coaching culture and engagement culture across department and as a leader of the company
  • Training plan is developed in place
  • Training is completed on time in full and results are effectively measured
  • High morale and low turn-over rate
  • High Engagement score of Sales CI
  • Assist General Director to support other markets if required
  • Extend the role (where or when possible) to support General Director and CI Export Manager in working in other Asia Pacific countries (Sales area only)
  • High quality of input in long-term planning in Sales CI

Describe the major challenges the Deputy faces in carrying out his / her job, and what he / she does in order to overcome them.


1. Expected high growth of the business
2. Complexity of mixed channel B2B and B2C
3. Resistance to change, externally and internally

a. Describe 1 or 2 typical decisions Sales CI Director has to make, in the course of the described job.
- Recruitment – optimal candidate selection within approved budget
- Special prices approval for projects with % GM tolerance authorised by General Director
- Spending amount aligned with budget or/and not impacting to budget GM
b. List the data which will reflect the scope and scale of activities concerning the job. (These should be quantifiable numerical amounts)
1. Annual volume, average selling price, product mix and margin Number of Distributors and end customers (under B2B project segments)
2. Number of employees and direct reports
3. Spending amount and spending areas

State the minimum acceptable proficiency for this job.
- Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering fields
- Exceptional communication in Vietnamese and English (speaking, writing and presentation)


  • Minimum of 3 -5 year experience in leading Sales Department in a MNC environment and similar industry with the same size or complexity
  • Leading sales activities in the similar industry
  • Capability to manage and develop Distributors and improve a complex channel & distributors network
  • Developing and delivering a benefit-selling philosophy and operating under similar conditions
  • Capability to approach, present and sell in a true B2B industrial environment
  • A thorough understanding of B2B and B2C Sales Processes
  • Lube background and education is preferred – but not a must

- Highly results-driven
- Structured and well organized
- Strategic mind-set
- Self-motivated leader with team building capability – including coaching
- Real team player

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