Senior Export Sales

Company: HR1 Client

Industry: FMCG

Location : HoChiMinh


phone: +84 09 03 01 4748

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Work Mainly Must Complete Frequency Assessment Criteriacomplete the work

  1. Planning to penetrate and develop new markets, new customers. Once / 3 months Plan must be specific, clear, done
  1. Demand forecasts and plan degree -order 3 months. One time per month on 25th Monthly. Forecast sales plans degree of accuracy 60% -70%
  1. Forecast sales revenue and expenses. Sales for the current month and 3 months next. Once per month west monthly
  1. Analyze and evaluate each market, set goals and make plans. Market based TP assigned
  1. Transactions and interaction with guests B2B. Frequent emails sent to customers and feedback information of customer
  1. Define marketing strategies for every new NPP. When a new NPP is generated
  2. Combine with new NPP to set up the system distribution system. When developing a new NPP
  3. Determine the sales plan month, quarter, and year. Monthly / Quarterly / Year Based on results made monthly to Reward KPI
  1. Visit the NPP and evaluate the situation distribution of each NPP. Based on the schedule on business. Report the result of the trip goes on business
  2. Suggestions for making new products fit suitable for each market When the request arises of customer
  3. Track customer transactions to promote orders and track the bar pay for goods Regularly When complete payment
  4. Completed target sales family 12 months / year Performance evaluation for rewards based on AOP monthly / quarter / year
  5. Arrange for participation in the fair international Annually Do not exceed the budget already approve


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