The 5 Whys technique: Wise people don’t waste time complaining

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Do you know the smart way to solve the problem in life? According to Sakichi Toyoda - the king of Toyota’s empire - analyzing the root cause of every issue is based on “5 whys questions”. This technique will help develop your career options by examining your interests, skills, and values through self-assessment.

But first of all, we can read a distinguished story about thinking wisely and logically:

The wise man story

A wise meets a lot of people around him every day, but they constantly lament about the same problems over and over again.

One day, he decides to tell them a funny story and they all start to laugh out loud. After a few minutes, he tells them the same joke, and only a few of them smile.

When he tells the same joke for the third time no one laugh anymore.

Finally, the wise man says: “You cannot laugh with the same joke over and over again. So why are you always complaining about the same problem?”

The 5 Whys technique

Through the above story, we understand that complaints are not helpful in difficult situations. This lesson is related to the 5 Whys technique - another way to learn managing time and developing patience. Since 1930, Sakichi Toyoda, who is known as the "king of investment" in Japan has developed the technique of asking questions “why” 5 times (5 WHY). This problem-solving technique has been applied for the factories of the well-known Toyota brand in the 1970s. Until now, Toyota is still using it to solve problems.

5 Whys is an important skill to help you identify areas for improvement so that your ability to adapt and achieve high results in the job can be increased. Additionally, you can develop greater situational and social awareness for yourselves by digging deep to find the root cause of any problem.

Let’s figure out an example of this technique: You often arrive late at the office every morning so your boss reprimands you many times. If the 5 Whys is not applied by yourself, the solution that pops out immediately will be: "After being reminded, I should be early for work. Then from tomorrow, I will set the clock earlier so I can go to work on time". However, if you ask 5 why questions then the solution will be changed in another direction. Ask 5 why questions and answer them to find out the root cause of the problem as follows:

  1. Why are you often late for work? Answer: Because I can't get up early to go to work every morning.
  1. Why can't you get up early to go to work every morning? Answer: Because I prefer to sleep rather than go to work.
  1. Why do you not like to work? Answer: Because the job doesn't attract the best skills that I have.
  1. Why are you sticking to this job when it doesn't require your best skills? Answer: Because I learned the skills required for this job, although I don't like it very much.
  1. Why are you interested in learning those skills even though you don't like the position? Answer: Because I'm afraid to admit to my family and friends that I made a mistake in choosing this job.

Conclusion: After asking yourself these 5 questions, the reason that caused your lack of performance is revealed as "You’re often late for work because you choose the wrong career" and from here, learning about specific solutions to improve your working style is not overwhelmed anymore.

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