Tips For Employers During Virtual Interview!

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In virtual interviews, it can be difficult for a hiring manager/recruiter to effectively know a candidate well through a small computer screen. Now with Covid-19 pandemic, eventually there are no ways to conduct a face-to-face interview, so yes a virtual interview is a tricky task for both employers and candidate to get to know each other.

So let’s find out some tips from Schwantes M. – Chief Human Resources - Leadership From the core about how to impress candidates during online interview.

  • Focus and Look at the camera
    When conducting a video chat, many people tend to or accidentally look down to the keyboard or stare at themselves or the image of the person they are having a conversation with.Please be aware, don’t do that. Please only keep eye contact by looking at the camera in a way of showing politeness and confidence.

  • Use good posture.
    Sit up straight in a chair. Please try not to slouch on a coach which may make you look inappropriate in front of the camera.

  • Lean forward slightly
    Don’t stay so close to the camera, but lean forward very slightly so that candidate can feel that you are engaging with them, or showing interest towards what candidate is saying. It is best to stay an arm far from the screen.

  • Don’t cross your arms.
    Relax your arms at your side. Don’t fold your arms as it may make them feel grumpy.

  • Always smile genuinely.
    Show your friendliness at the beginning. After that, you are advised to silently acknowledge by some smiles during the interview, so the candidate knows that you are listening. However, be careful not to overdo it. Too much nodding or smiling can come across as disingenuous.


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