What to remember when writing a CV?

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It is important to create an impressive CV as a first look for your future employer.

Understanding what employers look for and how to present your best self through your CV is a professional skill to get you outstanding among the crowds

How long should my CV be?

In general, allowing your CV not to be more than 4 sides of A4 is a good rule. However, once you have been with your career for some time, you are advised to take out some details of your previous jobs and deep dive in your most recent achievements.

How much personal information should I include?
There are a few necessary items which you should emphasize, such as hobbies and interests. However remember that you should link those personal information to how they have helped to build up your skills, and what they are related to the position you apply. Because the employer is seeking the overview of your relevant skills to the overall requirement of their job vacancy.

Besides, sometimes even though some skills may not be direct to the job you apply, they can be transferable skills or qualities that are highly valued by employers across the ranges of roles. For example: your level is an associate. But you have extra valued skills such as: leadership or self-starter, which are highly appreciated in any organizations.

Should I put my referees on my CV?

The new employer will sometimes contact your previous company to check your employment history, so you are free to have your own references written in your CV, but it is not essential.

Should I put my photo on my CV?
It has become more popular among candidates to put their photo on the CV, however, a professional looking photo will help you stand out, not a personal photo. Besides, some employers may visit your professional social media presence as a part of recruitment process, so you also had better place an appropriate professional photo on your LinkedIn Profile too.

Should I put my work email address on my CV?

Please avoid using your work contact details in the CV unless you seek for permission or clarify well with your current employer. Besides, always not try to use a nickname in your personal email as it may create a negative impression on your future employer at the first look.


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