Why did you fail that interview ?

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2 weeks after the interview, you’re emailing and calling and sending carrier pigeons to follow-up. No response. And then, you get the template email telling you “we're sorry we’ve decided to go with another candidate” What the heck just happened? You thought they liked you!

Why did you fail that job interview even when you're a qualified candidate? Things must have been easier if you know more carefully about the post you applied for, and how to express yourself more convincingly. So what are those mistakes and what can you do to avoid them?

Lack of research on the company you apply for 

"What makes you interested in our company?" or "Why you want to be a part of our company?" are familiar questions, yet not easy to answer thouroughly. You might say "I want to work in an international enviroment or I'm looking for a higher position", however these kinds of respond might make you look like an intermediate candidate and do not have outstanding value. Before attending the next job interview, try to sit down and seriously note out why you want to get this job, what are the key factors you think you can contribute as well as gain from that position. Cause how can you find something when even you do not know what you're seeking for?

Bad introduction

Your introduction to the interviewer is one of the most important moments of the interview. Many hiring managers do state that they make a decision on whether the candidate is suitable or not for the role by the way that they introduce themselves. Since if you cannot make things clear even in your self-introduction, how could they can rely you on doing other complicate tasks? Thus, spend time to review your introduction part and make it more impressive, go straightforward to highlight your education, your experience and why they should choose you instead of wandering around. 

You lied

To be honest, job interview is not a suitable place for lies, especially high position interviews. Remember always be reliable, even when you're information maybe risk you the job. All hiring managers worked in this industry long enough to recognize truths and lies. If you do not have experience in this position before, just kindly say you're new, nevertherless you're a quick-leaner. Honesty makes things easier.

Lack of consistency

These days it is fairly rare that you are hired for a position of any importance without having a second, third or even fourth interview. The key in this instance is consistency. The business is looking to determine whether you live up to their colleagues initial synopsis of you.

In addition, if you answered a certain way in the first interview, make sure you have the same view in subsequent interviews because they want to ensure that you are consistent. 

You're boring (or shy)

Some people might use an excuse "I'm not bored, i'm just shy" for this situation. But then, think again, it's a world with billions people making the biggest effort to seek for new opportunities everyday out there, you will never gain what you want if you do not know how to express yourself creatively and impressively. 

Don’t be scared, introverts, that interviewer won’t hurt you. Keep on describing your potential in the most honest way, what you used to learn through past failure, what you used to overcome, how much you can contribute for their organization, and asking them about what they can provide as well as training you. Since you're deserve for better opportunities and challenges, as long as you believe in yourself more.


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