4 Major Recruitment Trend In 2019

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The current job market is talent-driven. You no longer get to pick them, they pick you. Today’s increasingly competitive recruiting challenges are set against a backdrop of ever-changing, more sophisticated and even more costly recruiting trends. As a leading executive search firm position in Vietnam, HR1 Vietnam provides a few trends that will take centre stage in this new year.

The Continued Rising of Technology

Hiring will largely be driven by technology, recruitments through Artificial Intelligence will soon catch up. Technology will continue to be HR’s friend – maybe their best friend – as companies spend more money on technology for recruiting, performance management, training and engagement. Data from social media platforms will be increasingly used to profile candidates and to understand their cultural fit to an organization. Most employee services will soon be driven by technology.

The Trust Issue & Engagament

Do people trust the organisations they work in? Reputation also extensively affects the job apply decision of candidates. Moreover, research shows time and time again, companies suffer when employee engagement is low. The majority of employees surveyed overall believe that employee engagement is important for a thriving company culture. When employees are engaged, everyone wins. It's time for corporation consider employee engagement the key element which will drive business success.   

Furthermore, there are a variety of solutions to help engage employees beyond employee engagement software. These include solutions that provide continual training and education, career development, employee recognition, as well as creating programs around topics like wellness—physical, mental, and financial.

Build the Brand

Social recruiting is now far more than only simply posting job ads on your favorite network sites, but also building a good brand image on all social media channels. Invest on your website and LinkedIn pages, as well as consider new online recruiting methods like: video recruiting, artìicial intelligent recruiting, data driven recruiting,...

Help Your People See Their Value

There is no doubt when the more employees understand their value, the more your business will develop. Be a leader. Inspire people. Help people understand the value they bring — not just to your company but to this world. If all of us take a larger approach to life, we can do wonders. We need to start with our own mind and help others clear theirs. A clear and focused mind can transform people, process and technology.

How a Executive Search Firm can help?

Professional recruiters spend much of their time building relationships with job candidates, so when the right opportunity comes along they have qualified professionals in mind. Likewise, a recruiting agency can also sift through the hundreds of resumes and screen candidates to ensure the ones who make it through to the interview process are qualified for the job.

Here at HR1 Vietnam, for instance, we even have a patented 6-step risk prevention program that enables us to dig deeper and obtain more information about candidates we screen for positions. - Crafting a Strong Job Description. - Sourcing Candidates. - Hiring for Attitude. HR1 Vietnam recruiting agency can work with you to get to know your company and your culture. Through this knowledge, they’ll have a solid sense of the types of personalities that will mesh well there. When evaluating candidates, recruiters ask targeted questions related to attitude and personality and even conduct personality tests all to ensure companies hire someone not only with the right skills, but also the right attitude.


HR1 Vietnam was founded in 2011 as a full service recruitment agency dedicated to support the hiring needs of multinational and locally owned companies in Vietnam.

Since that time we have grown into one of the largest agencies operating in the country and are proud to support clients both in Vietnam and internationally, across the APAC region.

From our origins as a recruitment company, focused on fast and efficient, value driven placement of top talent in the Vietnam market, we have broadened our service offering to incorporate payroll, training, assessment, outplacement and advisory services.

This expansion of services allows us to support you across the entire spectrum of your human capital needs.

Contact us:

P: +84 028 3925 2566 | info@hr1vietnam.com
A: 12th Floor HDTC BUILDING, 36 Bui Thi Xuan Str.,
Ben Thanh Ward, Dist.1, HCM City


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