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  • Plan projects from start to finish, with built in contingencies. 
  • Ensure projects meet industry leading quality standards.  
  • Prepare relevant engineering project proposals.  
  • Understand the business requirement for the project, developing effective  working relationships and on-going management processes for the project. 
  • Define the deliverables, resource requirements and work plan for the project,  and manage their development and delivery.  
  • Plan and manage OPEX & CAPEX budgets


  • Be responsible to look after every detail of the project and ensure that all the  projects are going on smoothly.  
  • Budget monitoring and trend tracking to ensure that the project is delivered  within the financial requirements of the business.  
  • Be responsible to look after every detail of the project: forming a team, stating  the purpose of the whole project, and assigning the team members specific  roles, planning out the resources needed for the project and charting out a  budget plan.  
  • Participate in contractor’s and consultant meetings and resolve any  engineering and management project issues.  
  • Recognize when technical problems are developing in the various disciplines,  and to initiate appropriate corrective actions.  
  • Monitors work for compliance to applicable codes, accepted engineering  practices.
  • Deal with problems that may arise within the project or issues with the  contractors.  
  • Conduct regular meetings with contractors or consultants to know the status  of the project and also to make certain changes and improvements, if  necessary, to achieve the desired results.  
  • Conduct meetings with the team to evaluate the whole project and to discuss  the results, identify the key factors that led to the completion of the project  and also those that were not beneficial for the project, so that they can be  avoided in the future.  
  • Ensures effective communication and coordination between all disciplines and  all other project participants.  
  • Requires extensive regular contact with and ensures day-to-day interaction  with the contractor and consultant’s designated representative. 
  • Verify all project invoices & payment.


  • Involves developing and maintaining cordial relationships with clients and  team members: deal with problems that may arise within the project team or  issues with the clients, conduct regular meetings with team members to know  the status of the project and also to make certain changes and improvements,  if necessary, to achieve the desired results, prepare and present project  reports on a regular basis.  
  • Supervise whether the team members are working efficiently and to motivate  and influence them to put in all their efforts to accomplish the given task  successfully.  
  • Be responsible and accountable to ensure that all assigned personnel are  coordinating their activities with other project participants, and that the  requirements of the contract are being satisfied.


  • Reports to the Project leader who has ultimate responsibility for both the  quality and effective execution of project assignments.  
  • Prepare and present project reports on a regular basis.



Education & qualification  

  • University graduate or above  
  • PMP preferred  

Major experience & skills  

  • Above 5 years at the management position of factory facilities. 
  • Well experience in leading independent entire projects within facilities, including  feasibility study, planning, licensing, tendering and execution.  
  • Well experience in managing & maintenance of factory facilities.  
  • Experience to work with government authorities including permits & approvals as  well as licenses related to company projects.  
  • Strong network relationship of working with authority to get permits of the project 
  • Ability to work with internal- external stakeholders to ensure an effective  cooperation and coordination. 
  • Risk analysis and management  
  • Planning and organization skills  
  • Financial management  
  • Good communication in Vietnamese & English and interpersonal skills  
  • Excellent business management and development skills  
  • Good leadership to manage and develop team  
  • Ability to foster motivation within the project team to meet tight deadlines 
  • Ability to resolve conflicting situations and problem solving  
  • Technical knowledge  
  • Excellent negotiation with supplier and stakeholder 
  • The ability to have a strong impact and influence key decisions  
  • Understanding factory operating patterns such as EHS, Maintenance, Production,  Quality, Engineering …) 


Further information will be discussed in the interview!
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