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 QA System

  • Develop & implement the QA system in accordance with the Group’s standards to ensure the quality of raw materials and finished garments. Implement Group-wide initiatives to enhance the QA system. 
  • Regularly communicate with CSP, and meet with customers directly if possible, to further understand customer’s requirements and preferences as inputs to improve the QA system. 
  • Personally audit and hold immediate team accountable for following the standard procedures set in the Group QA system.  
  • Collaborate with CSP to provide training on customers’ quality standards to QA/QC teams and all  relevant functions such as Operations, AAMT, etc. Hold regular examinations to assess understanding. 
  • Hold Immediate Employees (IEs) accountable for organizing and overseeing  customer final inspections, and be personally involved if needed.  
  • Hold IEs accountable for auditing compliance to the metal-free inspection system and needle control system.  
  • Collaborate with customers and provide suggestions/advice to continuously  improve quality though the quality assurance process.

Quality Garments

  • Participate in preproduction meetings as needed to understand customer requirements for upcoming styles and highlight potential quality problems.  
  • Regularly review internal and customer quality reports, and identify quality trends and  improvement opportunities.  
  • Collaborate with other functions to identify root causes to quality issues and provide support in developing solutions.

 Quality Mindset

  • Define and communicate the concept of quality mindset and establish  measurements for assessing quality mindset.  
  • Create and lead Factory-wide quality mindset programs and track performance against defined metrics.

ISO Certification

  • Coordinate with external ISO practitioners to conduct regular audits of the Factory’s SOPs  to ensure Factory’s operational processes remain ISO qualified, and ensure corrective action is taken where needed  
  • Have external ISO practitioners train internal auditors to be able to conduct internal audits and take corrective action to maintain the certification.  
  • Hold a monthly meeting with the ISO-designated Factory management team on the status of Factory performance against annual ISO KPIs.  
  • Hold the internal ISO auditors accountable for providing necessary training to newcomers on ISO system.

Laboratory Support

  • Hold IEs accountable for providing:
    • Laboratory testing and fabric inspection support to the Factory to ensure the quality of raw materials and finished garments.  
    • Technical trouble-shooting and chemistry-based  solutions to issues with raw materials and the production process as appropriate.

QC Inspector Engagement

  • Identify key expectations of QC Inspectors for their jobs.  
  • Work to meet the key expectations of QC Inspectors where appropriate, build and maintain effective and respectful working relationships to drive high QC Inspector engagement.  

Managerial Leadership of Immediate Team

  • Communicate the ‘bigger picture’ context in which IEs need to plan and execute work.  
  • Establish process for meeting regularly and holding IEs accountable for effective and collaborative teamwork at their level.  
  • Agree on SMART goals and assignments with each IE and provide continuous  managerial guidance and feedback.
  • Provide support for enhancing performance in the current role, conduct mid year progress reviews and determine year-end performance appraisal ratings.  
  • Assess the strengths and development needs of each IE and coach him/her in developing their FSKs and MLCs in line with the Role Profile of his/her current job.  
  • Provide differential recognition and recommendations for reward incentives for IEs. 
  • Recommend re-assignment or termination of IEs where appropriate, supported by a fair ‘due  process’ and structured performance improvement program.  
  • Provide an appeals process for employees one level down who have a grievance with his/her Immediate Manager (IM).  

Future Talent Pool

  • Assess the future potential of Employees-one-Down (EoDs) in terms of future manpower requirements.  
  • Establish mentoring relationship and career development programs with individual EoDs based on future manpower requirements, assessment of individual potential and individual  interests.  
  • Identify and have ready for promotion minimum two potential successors for each IE where relevant and within agreed timeframe.  


Alignment with the Group's Core Values and Culture

  • Understand and personally commit to the Group’s core values and culture. 
  • Lead by example and behave consistently with the Group’s core values and culture. 
  • Communicate and visibly use the Group’s core values as guidelines for daily decision making.
  • Support the Group initiatives to reinforce the core values and culture.  
  • Coach IEs to behave consistently with the Group’s core values and culture.


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